Common Health issues in today’s world


Due to significant technological advancements that have come with heavier workloads for some jobs, there has been a drastic change in peoples’ lifestyles. Most people spend most of their time at work which means they hardly get a proper meal or better still survive on take outs. This trend has led to the rise of several health issues. For instance, to date, there is a bone of contention about which are the most common health issues. Basing from inferences from various medical researches, there has been quite a number. Among that list of concerns is acne breakouts, constipation and diarrhea. These are normally sidelined as being petty but if not looked into early enough, could cause more serious health issues.


Everyone at some point in life experiences this dreadful breakout. Zit, blemishes, pimples or acne, is a very common health issue especially in teen years that erupts mostly when the hormone androgen is overproduced. This leads to stimulation of the sebaceous glands which in turn produces too much natural oils. Consequently, skin pores are blocked by too much oil or dead skin. In adulthood, they could be very stubborn and sometimes associated with other health problems. In adults, acne breakouts could translate to conditions like diabetes which beats the body’s ability to heal. In women, acne could be a sign that they have the polycystic ovary syndrome that is associated with missed and irregular periods. If not checked early enough, it normally causes infertility. There hasn’t been any permanent treatment for acne to date but there are various ways to prevent and control them.
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This is another very common and serious health issue that most people take so lightly. Whenever your bowel feels so uncomfortable and your stools are hard and tiny pieces, you are suffering from constipation. Normally, after digestion, the digestive system channels liquid waste to be release as urine or sweat and the solid waste to the colon to be release as sweat. This solid waste tends to stay a little longer in the colon if there is constipation. This only means that the waste products get another chance of being absorbed into the blood stream. This is very dangerous especially because the bad nutrients get another chance to go back to the body. Prolonged constipation could lead to other health issues like headache, body odor, bad breath, varicose veins and indigestion. Some patients may develop colorectal cancer. Constipation can be caused due to poor eating habits, lack of fiber in your food, lack of exercise, insufficient fluid intake and some medications. It is advisable to visit a physician whenever you develop any complications.
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Among the most common health issues, the ones that occur below the bowel, like diarrhea are the most embarrassing ones. No one feels comfortable bringing it up in any kind of conversation except with a doctor. This condition leads you to pass loose watery stool, say, three times a day. This could go away after 2 days but when it persists, then, there has to be some associated health issues. While there is no specific age bracket that suffers from diarrhea, its common causes can be said to be bacterial infections (mostly through consumption of contaminated food and water), viral infections, parasites, intestinal disorders and reaction to some medicines. Before any diarrheal attack, most people experience nausea, abdominal pains and cramps and the urge to use the washroom. Diagnosis for diarrhea can be done in several ways among them analyzing the patient’s stool in the laboratory, running a couple of blood tests, fasting tests and examining the medical and physical history of the patient. During these bad days, patients are advised to take as much water as possible because it causes dehydration.
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Final words

Health issues are a universal thing. An average person catches one of these at least once in a year. Research has shown that most of these health problems are associated with a lot of stigma which causes people not to talk about them more openly. Don’t be shy, at least it proves that you are a normal human being. Visit your doctor whenever necessary, keep your environment tidy, try as much as possible whenever it is within your control to have a healthy diet and you will have the breath of health!

Written By Jenny Brown, from New Orleans. Florida

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