Its the time for living a healthy life!


This time you get to the doctor after blood tests, and he began by saying "you need to change lifestyles" We realize that what we have done until now is not working. When our doctor begins to count the dangers we face if we do not change our lifestyle healthier. We understand that this is not a place for bargaining.

The dangers have high fat levels in the blood, high cholesterol, and diabetes. Each of these parameters can sip irreparable damage to us over the years. It could be a heart attack, stroke or diabetes.

So how do we change our lifestyle?

It all starts at the top. Take a decision to change lifestyle is an important decision and should make a fundamental change in our habits and change them fundamentally. If it comes to quitting permanently, or diet and exercise course.

Each of these elements must become routine so that we can live healthy and prolong life.

Nutrition food - it starts cleaning our kitchen all those carbohydrates such as sugar and white flour pastries and dough high in fat, snacks, chocolates sweetened beverages and the like. Will take place instead of fruits and vegetables of all kinds and colors, grains, wheat flour, dairy products, lean meat lean, drinking plenty of water, and the like.

Termination of fat - Most people are afraid to quit smoking and gain weight, that after the cessation of smoking habit, we are looking for what you can to fill the boredom and habit that has accompanied us for years. Instead of holding the case Cigarette pack carrot sticks, and various kinds of fruits, nuts and dried fruits, their nutritional value is also important for our bodies, and how we can concern ourselves instead of a cigarette. Moreover, regular smokers smoke in order to postpone the hunger exactly the same feeling of blockage appetite to get drinking water.

Activity at the gym - one of the elements most difficult to sustain it. Most people see exercise nuisance, and lack of motivation makes them come up with excuses why not to do exercise. However it is important to remember that excuses. Just for that day you can hire a personal trainer, he will help you build an exercise program gradually ascending in terms of effort, it will help you to find motivation by exercising you connect to it and you will persevere. This can also help us get rid of tonsil stones quite fast.

Today you can take a fitness coach for small groups of 2-3 people, so it is still an intimate practice and each receives individual attention, and economic savings. The benefits of personal fitness training are numerous and rising in price. Also if you are training in small groups you can encourage each other to continue practicing beyond the stipulated days of training together.

For those who still do not face this important point: vegetables are the main food for humans. Vegetables and lean body always go hand in hand. Vegetables have little natural sugar which is actually a complex carbohydrate which is good for us, they have vitamins, minerals, protein and some fiber.
Although I really like vegetables, I was sometimes difficult to implement the recommendation to eat between 1-2 kg of vegetables every day. In order not to get involved with the weighing of vegetables to see if I arrive to 1-2 kg per day, considered one cup (the size of a cup) and I got 200 grams of vegetables.

Practice to reach this recommended amount goes from 5-10 cups of vegetables such.
Since most vegetables contain between 15-30 calories per 100 grams, took an average of 23 calories.
2 kilos of vegetables a day will give us a total of 450 calories.
This is the best diet food that exists in nature and on the other hand food has the most essential components of the body.