Vegan Recipes


Even vegans sometimes miss. No matter what reason they parted habits that accompanied them for the benefit of all life on purely vegetable diet? If for health reasons, either because of a desire to reduce damage to the environment or concern for the welfare of the animals. Yet sometimes can get old memory of a beloved taste of home stew, a dish or dessert perfect winning, culinary memory up on the tongue tastes like it just yesterday. Even though he has been off-limits altogether? Can stay the same longing texture, feel, experience. Do you know that eating vegans can make children grow higher? When you understand that should actually accurately reproduce the taste, but mainly to trace the feeling - learn how to create it anew. And the abundance of nature gave us, it's really not a problem.

How to restore the old flavors using recipes vegan? Replacing the materials, playing with the elements, producing a new experience, taste and less rewarding than continuing to preserve our memory. Here are some simple ideas and vegan recipes available:

Vegan pizza? You should know traditional Italian pizza without cheese baked the first time ever and still can eat it in Italy, where it is called "Mariner pizza" dough with tomato sauce and garlic. You can of course add vegetables or some herbal additives and want to get very rich pizza. Even pumpkin or sweet potato cream wrap the dough in love. If you still want to, you can use one of the hard cheese substitutes on the market and can also be satisfied with a good smear of mayonnaise soy-based, post-baking reminds gets creamy cheese. Tofu can also scratch and figure above shows a very healthy shredded cheese.

Vegan burger? Ultimately this is a flat patty on a bun. There are many ways to prepare such meatball and vegetable entirely ready products that can be bought natural networks. The combination works is usually brown rice and lentils, all sorts of ways and there is a hamburger recipe based on artichokes and mushrooms or rice-lentil burger plus beets, also gives him a deep red color reminiscent of meat.

Shawarma vegan? Speed ​​networks and dramatization vegan falafel shawarma can be found without animal products. Usually it may seitan strips (wheat protein), a pop-up with the typical spices. The same idea could be to try to recover with sliced ​​mushrooms, preferably meaty portobello mushrooms or other, there will be bites and no less successful.

Vegan ice cream? Yes, even ice cream can be prepared from the plant only. Some of the leading ice cream shops can be found in an excellent vegan ice cream and soft soy and sorbet, when he made well is soft and creamy and general secretary of the glaciers less successful. Even at home you can easily prepare frozen fruit ice cream? The best peel and slice ripe bananas and freeze. Remove, grind in a food processor or with a natural flavor additives such as dark chocolate, dates and nuts, tahini and date honey, peanut butter or handful of berries. The same trick can try with mango and mint or coconut annuity.